Vision and Mission


‘Essence of wisdom is Service to Humanity’ is the vision of SGGS College. These are the words which also reflect the core-value of the institution. The inspiration derived from the legendary tenth Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj. This College is committed to provide high quality education and value added humanity development. This institution strives to attain excellence in all aspects and aspires to become a premier institution. It envisions itself as a place of not only academic learning but also of holistic development of students. Our Aim is to prepare our students to face new challenges of the inexorable march of technology, Solving growing demands and aspiration of the society in unlocking and harnessing new knowledge and innovative ideas, building Cultural understanding and modeling environment that promote dialogue and debate. SGGS College, despite the entire infrastructure which it has kept adding to its repertoire since its inception, has always sought to stay rooted to its indigenous origins, devoted to the cause of social and spiritual well-being of the community. SGGS College proudly claims and continually endeavours to create a congenial environment conducive to progressiveness. Thrust for knowledge, service to humanity, freedom of expression and respect for indigenous culture is the hallmark of this college. Our aim is to nurture a repertoire of students generation after generation with optimistic, resourceful, committed, analytical and scientific bent of mind and passionate future leaders who will sensible towards their responsibilities and human values and continue transforming this society and nation.


Sri Guru Govind Singh philosophy is our inspiration. The motto of the college is to empower the students with latest technology to prove their worth in the society for building strong nation. SGGS College creates an environment for students to develop themselves academically and holistic ways. Students from diverse educational, social, and economic backgrounds come together to carry forward and contribute to the ideas the college promotes. We envisage our mission in following ways:

  • To promote the Value added education.
  • To inculcate self diesoline and services to the community.
  • To develop humanity as well as innovative ideas.
  • To provide higher education in all Section of Society.
  • To promote awareness ecological environmental.
  • To encourage Critical thinking and analytical Skill among the Students to instill sense of responsibility.
  • To inculcate “Gender Equality” and “Respect for Individuals right” in multi-cultural society as sacrosanct principle.