NAAC Steering Committee Meeting

The meeting of NAAC Steering Committee was held on 16th Dec. 2019 at 11.30 A.M. at Principal’s office. The minutes of the meeting are as follows:

  1. Distribution of seven criterions was given to respective committee members. Following was the nomination:
  2. S.NO Criterion Name
    1. Criterion I: Curricural Aspect Dr. Sanjay Kr. Srivastava
    2. Criterion II: Teaching, Learning & Evaluation Dr. Anil Kumar Singh
    3. Criterion III: Research, Innovation & Extension Dr. Karuna Roy
    4. Criterion IV: Infrastructure & Learning Resources Dr. Jyoti Shankar Singh
    5. Criterion V: Student Support & Progression Arun Kumar
    6. Criterion VI: Governance and Leadership & Management Dr. Vikas Kumar
    7. Criterion VII: Institutional values and Best Practices Dr. Reshma Sinha
  3. Anil Kr Singh suggested about distribution of existing NAAC data whenever required to any committee members. It would help them to re-establish the NAAC data in better way.
  4. It was assured by the Chair, Principal that all the required resources will be provided with great interest.
  5. Amrendra N. Tripathi is added to NAAC Steering Committee by the order of the Chair.
  6. Umesh Kumar, Bursar Expenditure is added to NAAC Steering Committee by the permission of Chair.

Following members were attended the meeting:

Prof. (Dr.) Kanak Bhushan Mishra                             Dr. Umesh Kumar

Dr. Upendra Prasad Singh                                          Dr. Amrendra N. Tripathi

Dr. Anil Kr. Singh

Dr. Karuna Roy

Dr. Jyoti Shankar Singh

Arun Kumar

Dr. Vikas Kumar

Dr. Dr. Reshma Sinha