Department of Botany

The department was established in 1969. The founder head Prof. S.N Singh of the department was retired on 1998. At present three teachers are working in the department and one is on deputation in RPM College, Patna city. Mr. K.K Jha, Associate Professor with specialization in Plant Physiology. Dr. Puspa Sinha Associate professor with specialization in plant Pathology. Mr. Arun Kumar, Assistant professor with specialization in Plant Taxonomy. Dr. Pushpa Singh Associate Professor with specialization in Plant Taxonomy is on deputation in R.P.M College, Patna City. At present there is one lab technician Shyam Sharan Shah and a lab boy Shyma Thakur is working in the Department. The Department has one lab and department Library.

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Dr. K.K Jha Associate Professor Download Details
2. Dr. Puspaa Sinha Associate Professor Download Details
3. Sri Arun Kumar Assistant Professor
4. Dr. Puspa Singh Associate Professor Download Details

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was established in the year of 1969. Dr. Suyash Prakash was its founding head. He was not only a popular teacher but also a visionary and a great administrator of our college. The department offers three years undergraduate program in Chemistry. A student of chemistry with good practical skill & logical reasoning can excel in every walk of life. The department focuses on pure applied & analytical chemistry. The department admits students of various backgrounds and help them to understand their potential & enrich their lives. Chemistry department has faculty. At present, four permanent faculty members are working in the department. They are well qualified and highly motivated teachers who constantly work for the betterment of Chemistry department and its students. They regularly attend seminars, workshop & conferences to keep themselves updated for academic life and ready to meet the challenges of ever changing technical world. The core objectives of the department are to impart quality knowledge of the subject with logical thinking, analytical reasoning & problem solving skills with the focus on latest research updates in Chemistry to the students. After pursuing graduation in Chemistry, students have various job opportunities in Govt., public and corporate world. One can choose academics based on his/her interest of the subject by pursuing post-graduation in Chemistry. Various specializations in specific areas of Chemistry such as Chemi-informatics, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry has multiple scopes in pharmaceutical industry, research & development in Nano-technology etc.

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Srivastava Associate Professor
2. Dr. Ramesh Prasad Associate Professor Download Details
3. Dr. Vinay Krishna Tiwary Associate Professor
4. Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh Assistant Professor

Department of Physics

The department of Physics offers a three years degree program in B.Sc. (Hons) Physics. The department was established in 1969. The founding head of Physics department was Prof. Shamsher Singh. The department faculties were highly qualified & motivated towards quality education. Dr. Archna Kumari is the present head and only permanent faculty in the department. They often attain seminars, workshops & conferences to keep themselves fit for their routine lectures & research works. The Physics department has a well equipped laboratory with dark room facility. Extra attention is given to our needy students academically in their laboratory works & tutorial sessions.

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Dr. Archana Kumari Sinha Associate Professor Download Details

Department of Mathematics

Sri Guru Gobind Singh College was established in 1960 and since then teaching in mathematics is being imparted up to undergraduate (Hons.) level students. The department consists of 4 faculties namely:

  1. Dr. A.P Das (H.O.D)
  2. Dr. R.N Singh on deputation.
  3. Prof. Rajeshwar Prasad Singh.
  4. Prof. K.K.Dhar.

All the teachers are sincere and dedicated towards their duties. Also, the department has several learned teachers who were the assets of department namely.

  1. Prof C.M.R Saxena.
  2. Dr. V.K. Prasad.
  3. Dr. Z Rahman.

Further, the Maths department is planning to introduce seminar and talks from eminent subject experts to inspire the students to pursue their higher studies as per the changing mathematical curriculum and changing environment. We also propose mathematical quizzes for the students of Intermediate/Hons. level to make the study of mathematics interesting. We also plan to develop methods or always to teaching that will benefit students and make them successful quality math instruction will include using visuals, formatting and assessment, connection and strategic thinking.

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Dr. Vinay Krishna Prasad Associate Professor
2. Dr. Aditya Prakash Das Associate Professor Download Details
3. Dr. Ramanandan Singh Associate Professor
4. Shri Rajeshwar Prasad Singh Assistant Professor -------
5. Shri Kanan Kanti Dhar Assistant Professor Download Details

Department of Zoology

Founded in 1976, Department of Zoology at SGGS College is one of the leading departments among the sciences. Among its founding members were Mrs. Manjeet Kaur and Dr. Dalbeer Singh who had their specialization in fishery biology. Other luminaries of the Department were Dr. Raushan Ara Ashrafi, Dr. Acharya Shankar and Dr. Siddhnath Yadav Deen who is currently gracing with the post of Registrar in Magadh University. Dr. Siddhnath Yadav Deen was also the founding Director of Department of Biotechnology, Magadh University.
The Department offers B.Sc. (Hons.) Zoology course which provides in-depth understanding of the structure, behaviour and evolution of animals by using traditional and modern biological tools. The Department also offers subsidiary papers for students from other science disciplines. Besides offering classical subjects like non-chordate (invertebrate) zoology and chordate (vertebrate) zoology, the Department offers an array of core papers (physiology, biochemistry, ecology, evolutionary and developmental biology). The Department of Zoology includes 3 faculty members and approximately 180 active graduate students. Faculty members have expertise in the areas of Invertebrates, Ecology, Entomology, Physiology & Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular biology, Genetics, Endocrinology, Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Biology. The Department faculties are involved with various academic and research programs in Entomology, Physiology, Biochemistry and Drug Designing & Development. The faculties of the Department also mentor their students in groups and guide them in pursuing their academic goals in higher education. The biggest boon of the Department is its Zoological Museum that displays very rare type of animal specimens, skeletons and skulls for osteology. The faculties also focus on developing diverse skills among students at the same time instilling good values like regularity, punctuality, participation and team spirit in various departmental activities.

Graduates in the Zoology subject can opt for Indian Forest Service (IFS), post-graduation in basic life science course such as Zoology, Life-Sciences, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Toxicology, Micro-biology, Biochemistry, Immunology as well as applied biological courses such as Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Entomology, Forest and Wild-life, Pharmaceutical sciences etc. Faculty members are dedicated and highly qualified in their respective fields of specialization and play an instrumental role in shaping the career of the students by their expert guidance. Zoology also has wide applications in environment, industry, pharmacology, forensic as well as clinical sciences.

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Dr. Arbind kumar Associate Professor
2. Dr. Reshma Sinha Assistant Professor
3. Dr. Vikas Kumar Assistant Professor Download Details
S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh Associate Professor Download Details
2. Dr. Ashok Kumar Associate Professor Download Details
3. Dr. Md. Imteyaz Ahmad Associate Professor Download Details
4. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Associate Professor Download Details

Department of Ancient India & Asian Studies

The Department of AIAS (Ancient Indian and Asian Studies) was established in the year 1983. The governing body (GB) passed a resolution in this regard in their meetings organised on the 4th and 20th of March 1983. Accordingly, decisions regarding affiliation, creation of academic post and recruitment of teachers were taken and processed. Due to unavoidable reasons, the department was not active. Meanwhile, The honourable Patna High Court in its judgement in C.W.J.C 522 declared the ‘Prabandhak Samiti’ as an Ad-hoc G.B with respect to the decision taken on the 18th of October 1983. In the year 1985, the Ad-hoc G.B in the light of previous decision of the G.B established the department of AI&AS functional by appointing teachers in the said department which was confirmed on the 27th of October 1985 in another official meeting of the AGB. The Bihar Government under CM PanditBindeshwariDubey directed the then Education Minister, Shri Lokesh Nath Jha to declare the College as a Minority cum Constituent unit on the 30th of April 1986. The same came into effect dated 12th June 1986.
The State Government accepted the decisions taken by the AGB in the years 1983 and 1985 with regards to the recognition and affiliation of the Department of AIAS. The first, second and third posts for lecturers, namely, Shri Ambuj Kishore Jha, Shri Ram Awadhesh Roy and Shri Kanak Bhushan Mishra came into effect on the 8th of January 1987 with respect to which a notification was also released. Dr. Jha was named as the founding/ HOD. Thereafter, Dr Roy and Dr. Mishra were HODs in various tenures.Lecturers in the department, Dr. Jha and Dr. Roy are experts in ‘Archaeology’ while Dr. Mishra is an expert in ‘Culture’.
An eminent scholar researcher, Dr. Mishra was promoted as Associate Professor in the year 1993 and thereafter was promoted to the Professor in the year 2008 under MPS and is currently Professor-In charge of the College. Dr. Roy under MPS was promoted to Associate Professor in the year 1995 while Dr. Jha under TBPS was promoted to Associate Professor in the year 1995. The honourable teachers in the department are renowned faces who have contributed immensely with their expertise in the field of research, publication and writing. Their work also includes Museology, Visuals, Excursions, Excavations and Conservation along with organisingseminars and symposiums which are routine affairs in the department.

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Prof. (Dr.) Kanak Bhushan Mishra Professor Download Details
2. Dr. Ram Awadhesh Roy Associate Professor Download Details
3. Dr. Ambuj Kishore Jha Associate Professor Download Details

Department of Economics

Economics is a subject of national interest which has the potential of creating social balance and eradicating poverty through accurate planning of resource management. The department of Economics in SGGS College strives to uphold academic excellence, alongside cultivating within students the consciousness to build a better society. The department widely considered as one of the best in the college. Set up in 1960 along with the establishment of College, the Department of Economics is one of the oldest in SGGS College. The founding head of this department was Professor Dharm Deo Singh along with other faculty members Prof. Hari Prasad and Dr. Nilima Sahay were luminaries of this department. Currently, two faculty members Dr. Upendra Prasad Singh and Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh are working in the department. Prof. Brajesh Pati Tripathi is presently working on deputation in Patliputra University with decorating the post of “Inspector of Colleges, Arts & Commerce” and also “In-charge of Promotion Cell”.
The department offers B.A (Hons.) Course in Economics and various subsidiary papers in other disciplines. At present, around 450 active students are studying in the department. Our faculty members, with sound academic credentials strive continuously to adapt themselves to the dynamic economic environment and equally encourage students to do so. The department offers them a stimulating environment for overall growth. The faculty takes pride in adopting innovative teaching techniques along with encouraging students to think ‘out of the box’. The department constantly strives for excellence, appreciating that knowledge of economics is as much derived from theory as much from real life situations or case studies and encourages students to go beyond the confines of a strict curricula, relating theoretical knowledge to real world phenomena, leading to their holistic development. The Department of Economics at SGGS College is a relatively large and multidisciplinary department in the University, with individual faculty members specializing in their respective fields giving the students the benefit of in-depth knowledge and exposure to varied courses and fields of study. Besides, we have a formal mentoring process in place, where each teacher is assigned a set of students. The students are encouraged to bring up and discuss any issue whether pertaining to academics or even personal problems they may face. This enables teachers to form relationships for life with students, offering them necessary guidance and support at both professional and personal levels.
Pursuing Economics at undergraduate level offers multiple prospects in the career. After doing B.A in Economics, one can opt for post graduate degree in the subject or enroll in specialized papers which is job oriented in the public and corporate sector or academia. Students can also go for IES (Indian Economics Services) after graduation in Economics which is a very prestigious govt. service.

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Prof. (Dr.) Brajeshpati Tripathi Professor
2. Dr. Upendra Prasad Singh Associate Professor Download Details
3. Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh Associate Professor Download Details

Department of Political Science

Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Patna city was established by the Sikh Community of Patna started in the year 1960 and was first affiliated to the Bihar University (constituted under Bihar University act, 1951) under resolution of the Senate of the said University in the year 1960 subsequently by the passing of the Magadh University Act-961, a separate University called the Magadh University, Bodh Gaya was established having jurisdiction over whole of the Patna Division excepting the colleges under the Patna University become affiliated to the said Magadh Univesity by operation of Less. The affiliated had been granted for B.A, B.Sc & B.Com Degree course. The College was sought to be converted into a constituent college in the second Phase on 7-5-1974.
There after the Governing Body of the college in the meeting held on August 4, 1985 decided to hand over the college to the Magadh University as a minority Cum Constituent Unit of the Magadh University Subject to the acceptance of certain condition. Introduction of 10+2+3 teaching pattern where the the college would be imparting teaching upto Honours standerd in each subject there was affiliation the college for Political Science in 1960. The teacher working on two post in Political Science. Taking into account the teacher mentioned in Political Science since 1960 to till feb, 2020 as indicated below:

  1. Sri Amrendra Sahay 5-9-1960 (Rtd. 31.10.1981)
  2. Miss Renu Bala 23-03-1983 (Rtd.)
  3. Dr. Anil Kumar Singh 13-07-1985
  4. Dr. Jyoti Shankar Singh 13-07-1985
  5. Dr. Naresh Prasad Singh 15-07-1985
  6. Dr. Md. S T Aslam 02-08-1985
  7. Dr. Umesh Kumar 05-08-1985
The best award for a teacher lies in the success of their students. This institution provided students with the real jewel of the brightening future. Its disserve education system and hard work of colleagues and the team work of college crowed the students with success in different field in different corners of the world. The staff with their hard work determination devotion made the four walls of structure named as institution and gave opportunity to the students to rise high and lead the path of success. After pass out from the department, many students succeeded in govt. jobs and serving as various administrative capacities in Bihar Govt. as well as different corners of the India.

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Dr. Jyoti Shankar Singh Associate Professor Download Details
2. Dr. Anil Kumar Singh Associate Professor Download Details
3. Dr. Md. Shams Tabrez Aslam Assistant Professor Download Details
4. Dr. Umesh Kumar Assistant Professor

Department of History

History is one of the oldest disciplines taught in SGGS College. History Department was established in 1960 under Magadh University, Bodh Gaya. The founding head of History Department was Dr. Ved Prakash. At present, four permanent faculties are working in the department. All teachers are learned with vast teaching experience in different areas of History as a subject. They are sincere and punctual towards their duty. The department offers three years B.A (Hons.) program in History. The numbers of students in B.A (Hons.) are around 540. The department has separate room and a library. The department conducts various seminars, discussions and workshops for the academic development of students as well as teachers. Recently, a national seminar was held on 19th Nov 2019 organized by MAKAIAS.
The importance of studying history is that it allows us to understand our past which in turn allows us to understand our present. Studying history can provide us with insight into our cultures of origin as well as culture with which we might be less similar, thereby increasing cross culture awareness and understanding. There are many reasons why history of a nation is important to understand our present and future. It helps a student to understand and compare national present political, social & economical aspect with that of past. By studying History, it can help students in their carrier opportunities. Jobs for history majors with Bachlelor’s degree or higher are Geography, post secondary history instructor, research analyst, elementary or higher school teacher, anthropologist, librarian, archivist and many more.

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh Associate Professor Download Details
2. Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Associate Professor Download Details
3. Dr. Vijay Narayan Singh Associate Professor Download Details
4. Narendrea Kumar Singh Assistant Professor
S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Prof. (Dr.) Talat Ara Ashrafi Professor Download Details
2. Dr. Md. Shakil Uz Zaman Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology is established in 1960 with the opening college, B.A Psychology Hon’s running in this college since 1985 with following Teachers.

  1. Major Balbir Singh Bhasin
  2. Dr. Jasbir kaur
  3. Dr. G.S. Chawla
  4. Dr. Birendra Kumar Singh
  5. Dr. S.R. Singh
  6. Dr. N.K. Yadav
  7. Prof. H.N. Singh
  8. Dr. Islam Ahmad
  9. Dr. Anjani Kumar at present H.O.D. join this college in 2012.
Major Balbir Singh Bhasin was the Principal of this college and he became the V.C. of Magadh University Dr. N.K. Yadav is MLC for 25 years, Prof. H.N.Singh who was president of Magadh University Student Union is the who also MLA in Bihar. Having good academic environment its manage debate competition among students and quiz competition also, we plan to start post graduate teaching in this department.

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Dr. Anjani Kumar Associate Professor Download Details
2. Dr. Nawal Kishore Yadav Associate Professor Download Details
3. Dr. Hirday Narayan Singh Associate Professor
4. Dr. Islam Ahmad Associate Professor Download Details

Department of Geography

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Dr. Nand Kumar Yadav Assistant Professor Download Details
2. Dr. Birendra Kumar Assistant Professor Download Details
3. Dr. Dhananjay Kumar Assistant Professor
4. Dr. Alakhdeo Prasad Assistant Professor Download Details

Department of Hindi

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Dr. Ram Swarup Bhagat Associate Professor
2. Dr. Karuna Roy Associate Professor Download Details
3. Dr. Amrendra Nath Tripathi Assistant Professor Download Details

Department of English

Established in 1960 the Department of English S.G.G.S. College, Patna City under Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, has been a glorious history. Faculty member of national repute live Prof. Badrul Hoda and Dr. Tarani Prasad have given his services to the Department. Several Books of Dr. Tarani Prasad based on linguistics have been published and are taught in the several Universties at U.G and P.G levels. Faculty member Dr. V.M. Sahay who after his promotion as Professor joined the P.G. Department of English, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya and at present glorifying the Post of C.C.D.C. in the University.
But after the bifurcation of the Parent University (Magadh University, Bodh Gaya) in March 2018 a new University come in existence and was named Patliputra University, Patna. Our college comes under Patliputra University. Seven faculty members against seven sanctioned post were working. Most of them after bifurcation were transferred to Magadh University, Bodh Gaya and rest of them except Dr. A.B.S Charini retired. At present with single faculty member the Department is struggling for its glorious past but the shortage of faculty members and lack of infra-structure are the big hurdles in the way. In spite of all the hurdles the Department is trying its level best to provide quality education to our students. The Department offers B.A (Hons.) English programme with approximately 200 active students. Several passed out students from the English Department are glorifying various posts in the Govt. Despite of limited means, English Department is always active in various academic activities

S.NO Name Designation
1. Dr. Awadh Bihari Singh Charni Associate Professor

Department of Sanskrit

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Associate Professor Download Details
2. Dr. Gauri Nath Roy Assistant Professor

Department of Urdu

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Dr. Md. Abbas Associate Professor Download Details

Department of B.C.A

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Shri Kanan Kanti Dhar Program Co-ordinator

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

PDF Download

Department of B.B.M

S.NO Name Designation Download
1. Dr. Upendra Prasad Singh Program Co-ordinator

Associate Professor, Department of Economics

PDF Download